Hello! My name is Sara Maese and I am an illustrator and surface pattern designer from the south of Spain, so I spend half of the year standing (and complaining about) the heat while I pray for winter to come.

I started in the field of illustration as a rebound. I have always loved to draw but I used to think that I was not good enough at it, so I decided to study for being a graphic designer instead. The funny thing is that, while I was studying graphic design, I learnt how to use the tools that allowed me to develop my work and style as an illustrator.

Most of my art is about naked girls with sassy and wild personalities. They are a little bit cheeky and they do not fear anything (I hope to be like them one day). Also I love to play with colours, shapes and, in short, having fun while working and drawing surrounded by my demanding and cute demoniacal cats.



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